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Ben Aknoun Building

Ben Aknoun Building
Ben Aknoun Building
Ben Aknoun Building

The building has a total gross area of 11,350 m2, spread over 3 underground floors for parking, ground floor with services and 12 floors with a total of 40 housing units of type T2 to T4. The external facilities include 591.4 m2 of total area.

For its implementation, the following studies were carried out:

  • Geotechnical, topography, architecture, foundations and structures, including outdoor installations (comprising green areas, access roads, a nursery, a garden and a sports pavilion);
  • Integrated fire safety study, with the characterization of active measures (electronic detection systems and means of combat) and passive measures (compartmentalization of fires and escape routes);
  • Water distribution network (potable and fire fighting);
  • Storm sewage network and wastewater drainage;
  • Electrical and lighting installations and equipment;
  • Mechanical installations and equipment (hydropressors, elevators and escalators);
  • Telecommunications facilities;- HVAC facilities and equipment;
  • Fire safety installations and equipment;
  • Gas distribution network and acoustic study.


Detail Design

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Work's Value

13 Milhões


2017 - 2020





TPF Consultores


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