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Office Park Expo

Office Park Expo
Office Park Expo
Office Park Expo

The Office Park EXPO project, was built on a plot of land occupying 36.200 m2, nowadays is the current Justice Campus of Lisbon, located in Parque das Nações, former EXPO’98. 

It comprises a set of 10 office buildings, with heights varying between 3 and 18 floors, with a construction area of 65 350 m2 and 5 underground levels with a construction area of approximately 135.000 m2, including the following main works:

  • Perimeter retaining structures for the 5 underground levels, using anchored diaphragm walls;
  • Structures in Reinforced Concrete;
  • Finishing Works of Civil Engineering;
  • Electrical Installation;Mechanical Installation;
  • Lift Installation;
  • Municipal Solid Waste Treatment System.


Project Management

Construction Works Supervision

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Work's Value

100 Milhões


2003 - 2009





TPF Consultores


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